What is Brain Training?

Brain training involves exercises such as games, quizzes, and speed tests that challenge the brain. The neurons in your brain have to “fire” to other neurons to make a connection. This connection between the neurons makes neural pathways. These pathways become stronger when you train your brain.

Over time learning and other cognitive tasks will become easier. You don’t have to do specifically designed brain training things to train your brain. You can practice a variety of activities such as singing a song, writing a poem, playing an instrument,  or reading a book.

Those kinds of activities help to engage the brain in a challenging task. The brain needs obstacles to climb in order for it to become better at learning. If you lay down on the couch all day your brain will begin to break down. The pathways will start to weaken and it will become harder for you to learn and focus.

Your brain has plasticity which means that it can be shaped or molded. When we are talking about our brains having plasticity it is often referred to as neuroplasticity. Since your brain can be molded, this means your intelligence isn’t static, it can be changed for the better (or for the worse).

Should You Train Your Brain?

Our lives are busier and more competitive than ever before. Getting any sort of edge can mean the difference in getting that job promotion or a good grade on an exam. Technology is supposed to make our lives easier but sometimes it can make it much more complicated. If you train your brain properly you can destress your mind and make tasks seem easier.

Brain training isn’t this big secret that will instantly make you smarter overnight. Let’s be real for a second, for brain training to work. You have to be consistent with it and do it every day. Brain training isn’t incredibly hard but it’s not the easiest thing in the world either. Anything and everything in life that is worth doing can be difficult at times.

If you are the type of person that quits everything they do. Then I hate to say it but brain training won’t work for you. But if you have the focus and drive to better yourself and know that in the end, you will be better. Then brain training can help you excel to exciting new heights you never thought possible.

Brain Training Benefits

Most people don’t think of their brain as a muscle. But in fact, it’s one of the most important muscles you have. To make a muscle stronger you have to work it out. This is exactly what brain training does. By working out your brain with brain training it will become stronger. When it becomes stronger it will gain many different cognitive benefits that can improve the quality of your life.

Brain Training Benefits

There are several studies that have been conducted to prove the effectiveness of brain training. Like this 2013 study that concluded brain training games were able to increase the processing speed, working memory, and focus abilities in young adults.

Brain training can help anyone in whatever stage of life they are in. If you are a student you can use brain training to increase focus, memory, and intelligence which will, in turn, improve grades. Those that have stressful jobs can use brain training to strengthen their mind making cognitive tasks easier.

Even for older adults who are starting to experience mild cognitive decline can benefit from brain training. There are currently some studies that are trying to find out if brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia can be slowed down or even prevented by exercising the mind with brain games or other brain training activities.

Memory Decline

Different Brain Training Exercises

Depending on what your goals are there are a variety of different brain training exercises that can help you accomplish almost anything. Whether you want to improve memory, increase attention span, or enhance overall cognitive abilities there are brain training exercises that can help.

Increase Memory

Our memory is so important to us it’s who we are! All too often as we age our memory begins to decline. If you want to improve your memory there are a lot of different brain training exercises that you can start doing right now.

Enhance Processing Speed

Processing speed is how quickly we are able to solve a problem or complete a task. If it takes you forever to read instructions and build that new piece of Ikea furniture you just bought. It can negatively impact your life. Luckily, there are ways you can train your brain to actually increase the time that your brain processes information.

Improve Concentration

When you were in school did your mind ever wander off while the teacher was talking? Yea me too… You might have lost concentration because you were bored or your mind wasn’t strong enough to actually focus on the task at hand. Don’t worry though because can always improve your concentration. Keep in mind that it does take time and effort to get better at concentrating.

Examples of Brain Exercises

  • Exercise – When you move your body your brain gets exercise too! Aerobic exercise was found to increase overall cognition by stimulating the production of nerve cells causing them to become stronger which in turn protects itself from damage.
  • Brain Games – Playing brain games can improve many different areas of your cognitive abilities. This is because they are designed in a way to help strengthen your recall (memory) by making you remember different things in the game.
  • Eat Healthier – If you eat the right foods it will provide fuel for the brain which will improve its overall performance. Unfortunately, people usually don’t change their diets until they are forced to because their life depends on it. Poor food choices such as processed sugars, excess fats, and fried foods can actually cause harm to the brain.
  • Stop Multi-Tasking – Multi-tasking will not enhance cognitive performance but it will cause you to become slower at completing tasks. Some people think multi-tasking is an attribute, not something that is negative. When your brain focuses on more than one thing it does both things poorly instead of doing one task very well.

Is Brain Training Right For You?

Well, that really depends on a few factors. For instance, do you have enough time for brain training? Are you disciplined enough to stay focused and complete brain training activities? If your answer to either one of those questions is NO then brain training probably isn’t for you.

But… If you answered YES to both of those questions then you really do have the desire to enhance your brain’s ability to learn and think. You are motivated to improve yourself and are excited by the potential benefits that you can receive from training your brain.

Now that you know that brain training is right for you. You should start learning about all of the different brain training exercises and brain games that are out there. Our website is filled with a ton of different resources that will help you get started on the right path to improving your brain’s cognitive abilities.